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Some of our Locations!!

William Heath Davis House

El Campo Santo

Hotel Del Coronado

Star of India

Horton Grand Hotel

Pioneer Park

La Casa Larga

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More Tours! More Fun!

Specials Too!

The Famous  Whaley House!

The Golden Poppy

(Georges on Fifth)

Pioneer Park








































Photo Title 1

Insert caption

Always look in mirrors

This mirror too

Sometimes they DO follow you home

Old Emmett House

Taken on 07-07-07

Going Fast


Whaley House

13th Juror

Cali Mesa Cemetery

Taken by a young guest

El Campo

Whaley House

No one was there


Nothing was on that car

Old Spaghetti Factory

El Campo

Lightened pic only

Lost in the orbs

Darkened with red tones brought up

Someone is always there


Look in the left window

Hotel Del

Look in the mirror

No one in room just shadow

Look in the mirror

A moment later a pointing hand

Star of India

Glowing eyes doll

Hotel Del

Near Kate’s shop


There is no portrait in the portrait

Wall of El Campo

Whaley House

Is there someone on the bed?

Whaley House

Look at the floor


Calvary Cemetery

Whaley House

Father Ubach

The children behind

Sometimes you just feel it

Shadow at fireplace

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