Text Box:                                                                                                                  A night you’ll remember the rest of your afterlife
Ghostly Tours in History, LLC


On this 90 minute tour, we meet at the the popular

Restaurant and Cantina

Cafe Coyote on San Diego Ave at Conde Street!


Our route takes you to the places you might never suspect, to the historical back streets of those left behind and all the things that go bump in the night.


It also includes entry into the Famous Whaley House! (America’s Most Haunted)


We will tell you the history of who, what and why, what has changed and what is left.


We do not have anything JUMPING out at you, we tell the stories and the history as it happened,

show you how to take the best pictures, based on our experience,

which in our opinion is the creepiest of all,

because it is all real.

Tickets are available on-line,

or at *Variations Imports* in Old Town at 3975 Twiggs St. on a very convenient parking lot behind O’Hungrys.


* Tickets are non-refundable and  non–exchangeable