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 Jessie B


 Carol L.

 Hi Lenore!

Its Jessie, the small little blonde that sat in front of the 10:30 graveyards only tour on friday! Just wanted to say "thank you!" for showing me and my family such a good time! I also wanted to send some interesting pics that I think you'll enjoy! I know almost everyone got the pic of the little girl by the tree, but little did we know, there was also a ghost behind us! Take a look!† We are trying to plan a date for a seance so maybe we'll be seeing you soon!



Hello all!

Well just returned from the walking tour, it was so fun! All the† things I didnít know.† Just to know where the bodies are buried. Lol.† I am so ready to try the limo tour next! You have me hooked.† Thankyou so much for a terrific tour!




 Tom A.


 Nancy L.

 Dear Lenoreóit seemed so difficult to get the whole gang together for the tour. I want to thank you for being flexible and making sure we were all together at a time you donít usually tour.† We got some great pictures and the girls were scarred and had to get drinks after.† They couldnít stop talking about it and kept asking how I knew you and could pull this all together.† Work with me here, I told them we go way back, and all I had to do was make a call, so donít tell on me.† You made me the big man in my crowd and will recommend you to all my friends.



 Just wanted to let you know that I Awarded your business and to let you know what I said to Groupons. Very happy to see part of your website has been updated to show the tour meets at Coyote Cafe.


What I sent to Groupon:

Used this Groupon while on vacation. Enjoyed the tour immensely and learned alot of factual info. Staff very nice and friendly. A little disappointed that we didn't see nor feel anything in the Whaley House; but that's not under their control. I'm sure it would have been different if it had been alot later in the evening and there were alot fewer people. Didn't get the notification that their meeting location for tour had been changed; and would have had a bit of a problem finding them if we hadn't called their phone number to find out how to purchase another ticket after a frustrating hour or so in Old Town San Diego. The phone number was correct & you have to call during business hrs. to verify the info. If I had just called to begin with I would have saved myself alot of frustration. That was my fault. Other than that was VERY happy with the Ghost tour.


THANK YOU for a GREAT Ghost Tour.


Nancy L

 Michelle S.


 Nichole S.

 Great tour great time great host.† We got HW with blue orbs all around only him.† Kids must really like him.† I know we did.


 Dear Ghostly Tours

Yelp was so right Magnus is the best.† We laughed we smiled and we got scared just a little.

When I get back I will write on yelp so everyone knows to take the limo tour, and if they can get Magnus as the host.† I understand you call them caretakers.† What do they take care of?† Me and my girlfriend didnít even have to drink to have a good time.† We will be back.† When does Magnus work?



 Amanda P.


 Pham K.

 I took some really creepy pictures I think you should look at.† Harry potter told us about the little girl at the graveyard and I swear someone was following the whole way, then look what I got on the pictures! Aaaawwwwwwsome.† Do you think it is the girl in the cemetery?† I always wanted to get a picture like this.


 I go on your tour with family. It was good not too scary. No one jump out at you as you say. You make us all very happy. Pham




Missed the walking tour 2 times in December† I just about gave up hope.† Finally went in April.† Wow Gideon was great!† Is he single? And so tall too!!!† No really I am sooooo glad I did not miss this tour.† I want all my friends to go too.


Keep it real.† I will be seeing you again soon.



Took my wife for our anniversary.† I canít tell you how special it made her feel† Thank you for the champagne too!† I really had a good time watching my wife all happy and excited.† Believe it or not I loved the stories too.


Thanks Ghostly Tours.† You made my night.





My family and I all believe.† I was told you don't make up things and help us not be afraid.† Whaley house was too much for my grandmother she kept feeling someone breathing on her shoulder.† Our guide was so good to us.† He take her outside and stay so she would not be afraid,† I canít tell you what this meant to our whole family.


In the graveyard you kept it respectful and Ithink that is why the pictures came out so well.† You did not embarrass the dead.† This was such a good tour for our whole family.† I send you the pictures we took with us and our guide.† It is really all true.

My best regards.


My husband and I took your Limo Ghost tour this last weekend and we would like to say thank you to our guide Magnus Pike - for a most spectacular evening - I had read all the reviews and heard that Ghostly tours in history was the best - But it was even better than I had hoped. I did have a paranormal experience inside the Whaley House - The door I was standing in front but 4 feet from - Opened on it's own and slowly swung towards me about 3 feet... then stopped. Everyone's eyes were on me as I said " I did not touch that door". Then the door closed all on it's own. WOW that was incredible. I know no one was on the other side of the door because it has window panes in it and I could see the hallway beyond the door - and the door has no door knob. The Horton Hotel was beautiful inside and out - But I truly enjoyed visiting the Hotel Del Coronado - Magnus had very interesting stories on the ride over telling our group the history of the Hotel and with his impeccable timing he finished his introduction just as we were pulling up to the Del - truly awesome.

I have recommend your tour to all my friends and family - and I will continue to do so until they go and experience it for themselves. - We enjoyed your tour so much we are planning on making it a yearly tradition. We will be back and with friends. Thank you again for an awesome experience - enclosed are some pictures from our tour.
S. and S. Avery

Julie Ann



What a great ghost tour. Your guide Magnus Pike told the most amazing stories. Thank you!  The evening was a total treat and set my imagination running with all sorts of ghost ideas. Jason may have told you I also write ghost stories.


So a story or two is forming as you can imagine.   I have attached the pictures I took Friday night. Several of them look as though they captured something. After I took the picture my camera had mechanical problems...I couldn't close the lens cap that night and on and off since then. It was bizarre.   Let me know what you see on the pictures and if under magnification they reveal anything else. It looked to me as if there was a blue orb on one and a face or two on the others.† Thank you so much for a great night!


My mom and I are both believers, always have been, so when she came down to visit me a ghost tour seemed like a no-brainer.  We spent some time looking around at the different ghost tours and finally decided on the limo tour.  Since the tour was booked that night,  Lenore (the owner and an absolutely amazing tour guide) called us back herself to offer to refund the money.  She also offered to get dressed up and take us on the tour in her personal vehicle at no charge.  We had had a pretty long day already by this point so we didn't want to do the whole tour, and Lenore was quite okay with just hitting a few spots.  We hit several cemeteries, which was high in my book, the Hotel Del (where we got the real story), and a few houses in old town with some interesting history.  We still ended up being out for the same amount of time as the normal tour; we hit a few places that Lenore said didn't usually get seen on the tour.  All in all, this was a wonderful experience, we got lots of pictures that are going to be really fun to blow up and look through today.  I highly recommend this tour to anyone, it's a wonderful tour and learning experience, and if anything goes wrong, Lenore is johnny-on-the-spot to take care of it. Thanks for a wonderful night on the town! :D






Dear Ghostly Tours

I canít tell you how much we enjoyed everything you went through to make our tour so special!  You read the testimonials and you think, well which ones did they leave out?  I know that the reason there are only good ones is because you just canít ask for anything more.  It was as if it all was about and for me.  Very personal and as if you cared about what I said and what I asked. 

The concierge at our hotel who booked this tour said they knew you and you were always professional and like family and yet she had never been on your tour.  She really needs to go.  It is an experience not to be missed.  I guess I am rambling now but I just canít believe I found such a diamond in a mire!  Please post this on your testimonials!


LenoreóOMG, you saved my party! Doing a party at Halloween time is difficult enough, but doing something new is even harder.  Thank you so much for the understanding, the great tools and tips for ghost hunting and for letting me know I am NOT crazy. The tarot cards at the end were very funny and so right on. I really liked walking through the cemeteries even though I didnít know they all were cemeteries! To see those footprints actually follow us around that one was really creepy.  Some of the group said they though you had some sort of device under the mulch and we went back there to check.  Were their faces red! Everyone had such a blast we will absolutely be back and ask for you!


Michael B.




Lenore, I donít usually write about places I go and tours I go on, but this one was soooo spectacular I had to tell you.  I am not a believer, but my wife and daughter are. And usually they try to gang up on me and I would just laugh it off, however, maybe you donít have to believe to realise not everything is exactly as it seems. You explain things without judgment and helped me feel that even if I don't believe it is a spirit, I can recognize there is something there.  This has given me a better understanding of what my wife and daughter share, but I wax on.  The places were very interesting, the history well developed and finely told, and best of all you there to lead us.  I am forever grateful. Mike


This is for Levi, I really wanted to thank him for the wonderful, great, fantastic, creepy, fun tour he gave for our girl scouts in old town.  It was such an important night because they all had worked so hard on their projects this year this was really a treat that will be remembered for a long time. We couldnít have asked for a better host the girls had such a good time.

Thank you






Oh but the sights you will see - I didnít think much about a ghost tour, not really, but my girls wanted to go on it, so we took the limo ghost tour.† You were so thoughtful so careful that everyone had a good time that I was no longer concerned if my girls were having a good time or would hear something they shouldnít or would scare them and began to relax and really enjoy myself.

Soon I became fascinated with the history, the giggles that came from my girls and they even let me take their pictures because there might be ďsomething elseĒ too.† I will remember this a long time.


We just got back from San Diego and wanted to thank you oh so much for the fantastic time we had with Magnus on the limo tour Thursday night!  We enjoyed it so much we plan on making it a yearly thing!  The stories were fantastic, the limo was gorgeous and the destinations were so interesting!  I am adding a few pictures for you to add to your guestbook ... we got a couple good "orb" pics and a couple unexplained pics from the Davis Heath house!


 Can't wait to see you guys again!


Marcy M and Kaci M

Chandler/Mesa, AZ






Would you please let Dorian know that we are sorry we had to leave but we had dinner plans and had to literally tear ourselves away.  With all the hustle in the Gas light quarter it was amazing in listening to his voice everything else just faded away.  Fascinating!  I wish he did another tour I would take every one!

He never told us where he was from.


Dear Lenore ,

Our private tour was so amazing.  Everything was all that you and your website said it would be.  This is the second time I came on your tour and you know what? This was even better than before!  I just donít know how you do it! And in a limo to boot!

See you next year!







We are home!  You were so nice.  My daughter just loved the tour and she thought she was going to be scared.  I know you made it easier on her just so she wouldnít be scared.  Telling us where to take the pictures was so good too.  We have been taking pictures everywhere, and you know what? You were right! Things are not the same everywhere if you know what you are looking for its weird what you see when you never saw it before.

Sheri and I are going to go through all our old pictures just to compare what we thought we knew to what we know now.  Wow. Just wow.

I have included some of our pictures I think you will like.  You have my permission to use them as you see fit.  We will definitely be back!



On November 15 my friend and I attended your Old Town Walking tour #1, sorry it took so long to tell you.† We got some really great pictures I wouldnít have even thought to get without finding out what I found out on your tour.† It was amazing.† I canít wait to go on your other tours.† It was like well like nothing you would think you got to be there for real.† I know I am not making any sense, but trust me it was something I could keep coming back for.

I have some pictures my friends found with things in them.† Please use them.† I will tell everyone I know about your tour.† Your friend.






To whom it may concern:

I only have one question for you.  How can you only charge $50 for all that we got? We were going to take the downtown gaslamp tour for $10 but at the last minute you found room for us on the limo tour and I can tell you I would have paid at LEAST $75 for a tour like that somewhere else and still be happy about it.  You should really think about it.  You donít know what you have.  Thank-you for the really wonderful tour.




My daughter and I were in San Diego and happened to take your tour in Old Town and also a seperate tour of the Whaley House. Attached are pictures we took on these tours that we thought you might find interesting. Although the pictures are dated in 2008 they were taken on June 11th 2010. I hadn't adjusted the date or time on my digital camera so they are off.

We enjoyed our trip and the tours. Hope you enjoy looking at the attached pictures.






My husband and I went on a tour Thursday, October 2, 2008 that included the Whaley house.  Attached is a photo I took of the stairway.  There was no one on the stairs when I took this photo.  I think you will find it very interesting!!  I did, Iíve always believed in ghosts and have experienced their presence but never was able to photograph one, now I have.  Thank you, we enjoyed our tour very much!


Dear Ghostly Tours.† We went on the walking tour this weekend and I thought there wouldnít be any crowd since it was after labor day, but you had quite a group.† Even so, we heard Sara very well, she seemed to give each of us any attention we needed and we got some great pictures.† She seemed so unflappable, just like a true victorian lady.† I couldn't have been more impressed.† We got to the Whaley house tour just in time, and I forgot to tip her! Can I do it now? She really deserved it.† Please let her know we really liked the tour.





Luke and Lauren




Hi Everbody!

I gotta catch my breath.† Please excuse the spelling I am texting.† We went on the Limo tour withHW and what a dustdevil he was!!! It was if he knew all the secrets and I just didnít weant to miss anything.† It was my birthday tooÖ :)† I loved it!† Thak you!† My husband thanks you too.






After we took this tour, we spent half of our drive back home to L.A. wondering aloud how it is possible that this place stays in business with the incredibly low price for such a fun and full evening on the limo tour. At $50 a ticket ($45 for students), we really saw the price as a bargain for how great the presentation and experience was. Magnus Pike was an excellent and knowledgeable host, sharing many stories and interesting tidbits along the tour; it was meant to be a three-hour experience, but we actually ended about a half hour later than that, partially due to our path crossing with Critical Mass during the Gaslamp district portion of the tour. Magnus handled it with great aplomb, and we chatted as we waited for the limo to be able to pick us up again and take us to the next stop. We also met Lenore Usher at the Gaslamp stop, where her walking tour and our driving tour joined for a short time. I really enjoyed her humor and contributions to the tour.


I really enjoyed the stop at the Hotel del Coronado, which I have wanted to see up close for a long time, but had not previously been able to visit. The Star of India ship was also a beautiful sight, and one that I probably would not have been able to see if it were not for this tour. The other locations were all fun and interesting, and we learned a lot about San Diegan history as we learned about the supposed ghostly presences existed at each place.


I love that the hosts all dress in Victorian period clothing, but on a warm summer night, it seemed almost absurd that they had to be in thick, dark clothing on our account. Nevertheless, Magnus and Lenore were both excellent characters accompanying our experience of the tour, and I highly, highly recommend it to anyone from history buffs to tourists to skeptical college students looking for a fun Friday night.



This tour was fantastic! The best one I've ever taken and I've been on ones in new Orleans, Savannah, and charleston. The value is great what with the admission to the two sites that cost money (the whaley house and star of India), the length of the tour, the limo ride, and beer all being included in the tour price. It is important to note that The Whaley house is normally $6 for a SELF guided tour. One of the docents gave us the tour, we got a couple of really interesting pictures! My mom is a skeptic and a hobby photographer with a pretty nice camera. She was very suprised at the way some of the pictures turned out. I'll try to upload the best one. My dad also had an interesting experience; on the stairs he thought he touched someones hand and when he turned around to say excuse me no one was there! Be sure to take lots of pictures at this location.


The limo ride was fun; if you find it awkward have a few beers! Alcohol is, afterall, the great social lubricant. Ours was a hummer stretch although I think they use different ones everytime. The beer is bud light and they also have a decanter of rum and vodka.


Magnus was our guide and he was excellent. He told the stories without being TOO theatrical (which I think ruins the reality of the tour) and even helped spark up some discussions in the limo about ghosts and our beliefs. Be sure to bring money for a good tip!


The other sites we visited were the star of India, del Coronado, the outside of the horton hotel, and the cemetery in old town.


We also got some interesting pictures with orbs at the cemetery. My mom was very surprised since they didn't show up in all the night pictures and her lens usually filters out dust or other particles. The orbs also only appeared behind the wall where magnus said about 13 people were buried purposely outside the cemetery. Spooky.






Dear Lenore and Magnus,

My husband and I were on the tour on Friday evening, July 25th..What a wonderful tour!  As a ghost tour guide in my home town, I truly appreciated your story telling skills and costuming.  It was such fun!  I only wish that we had more time to spend and check out the Old Town tours. We can't wait to get back to San Diego and check it out again!

Best, Genevieve


Um hi.

I just want to ask you about a picture I got on the tour with HW.† I was taking the picture after the sťance and it was in the limosine.† There was someone else in it but they didnít notice anything.† I felt kind of you know funny, so like you said, I took a picture† and this was in it.† Then I took a picture of† HW right when he came in.† Is that what I think it is?† Is it there because of the sťance?† Is that why HW doesnít do the sťance?† I know it sounds funny but did I really have a ghost host?


Let me know what you think and I would love to go on a tour with HW again.† And take another picture of him in the limo.








For $50.00 a person you can take a limo tour for 3 hours to 5 or 6 locations of  "Haunted" areas of San Diego in Old town and in the Gaslamp quarter. The tour is very informative and very fun and spooky. I love the history lesson I was given about San Diego, it's very interesting. Iv'e been on this tour twice (that's how much I love it) and Magnus Pike was a great tour guide. If your intrested in scary locations and past history this tour is for you! did I mention alcohol's included...BONUS can't beat the price and what you get! FYI...wear comfy shoes and a jacket, SD at night gets a slight chill in the air.


Hi Everyone,


Here's some pictures from our recent walking tour of haunted Old Town San Diego. Two pictures were taken at each location--on the porch of the Whaley House, and in the cemetery. And what do you know? Orbs appear!


There's also a photo of Wes stomping the roach, thereby saving everyone's life and becoming a local legend himself.






Lenore; Oh my gosh! All I can say is it was AWESOME!!!!! We did the sťance in October and everything was soooooo right on!  Creepy, fun . Loved it. Loved it. loved it!

Let me know when you have more! Please!


I wanted to start by saying what a great time I had.  Magnis was a tremendous tour guide.  I am recommending the Ghostly Limo Tour to everyone I know.  I was going to send you all the pictures that I took last night but upon downloading them I noticed orbs in damn near all of them.  In some pictures there are a ton and others there are a few that just stand out. Please let me know if the link below does or doesn't work.  I also posted a couple of pictures or the sidewalk decorations done for el dia de los muertes.  Please forward this link to Magnis as he was trying to capture the decoration pictures with his camera phone and I think mine are a little sharper.  Please use these pictures as you see fit






Just a quick note to say what a fun time my cousin and I had last night with the limo tour.  Our guide Magnus was an absolute delight.  I wanted to point out one piece of information Iíve found that differed from what he told us.  He said Kate Morganís room was **** wow.  I've been so proud of myself spouting off all the historical knowledge to anyone who will listen that you imparted on me.  the tour was quite fun and we had a blast. Thank you very much!


Andrea-   Thanks so much for the Limo! WE ALL HAD A BLAST! YOUR DRIVER WAS AWESOME! We have a card we would like to send to you. What is the address we can send it to?   THANKS AGAIN!!!!






Hello, In August my friend and I took the limo tour and we had a great time! I even experienced a "ghostly" experience at the basement of Ben's Asian restaurant.

I felt the sharp "tug" on my ponytail (twice!)...but at the time I was one of the skeptics and tried to play it cool. But now I'm convinced it was something else! The second time it happened, I was going up the stairs as everyone was exiting the bldg...and I felt the "tug" a second time. I turned around...and I was the last person in the group. No one else was behind me. I didn't tell my friend until we got home later that night. I was still thinking it could have been some explainable...until I saw this picture in my camera.

When I first saw it, I noticed right away that it was something of another world. When I look at this picture, the hairs on my neck stand on end. I don't recall taking a picture resembling any part of this photo.   In my camera, this picture falls in this sequence: First there's a photo of a tour guide (I believe it is Lenora) standing by a table with teapots in the William Davis house. The photo is crisp and clear and it's just Lenora talking about the history of the house.  

Then, this photo that I speak of appears right after. The background is dark and there's a red light/aura in the center of the photo...however, the disturbing part is you can clearly see a face (eyes, nose, chin, face shape) staring at you. At first I thought perhaps it was the image of a person and the camera just moved and made it look fuzzy. However, there is one thing that makes this explanation fallible. You can actually see a skeletal outline of the body and what looks like an arm reaching out towards the camera. The body looks almost translucent...and a ribcage/skeletal structure is visible.  

I have shown this picture to several people and without telling them, I ask them what they see. Every single person has reacted with confusion, fear and one guy actually said, "Oh my god!" when I asked him what he saw. Another guy said he sees the image of a horn one side of the head.  Very disturbing and frightening.  

Then the very next picture in the camera is of the mirror in the Davis house living room. This one I remember taking because it's crisp and clear and there was a long line of people taking pictures in the mirror in hopes of seeing "something".   Well, "something" was definitely caught on my camera. And the fact that it is sandwiched between 2 clear photos that took place in the Davis house causes me to believe that this "spirit" was in this house at the time of the tour.   I do not have a scanner, but would like to send you this photo. I would be interested to know what your tour staff thinks. If they can explain it as some kind of faulty lighting or camera shoot...that would be fine. But something is preventing me from deleting this photo...and it scares me to even look at it knowing it's sitting in my camera.  

I hope I don't sound nutty. Please let me know


Unbelievable, that is all I can say, a limo a spookey night, wonderful tales and spirits!  I could not have asked for anything more.  My mom and wife canít stop talking about it.  You have made me a hero in my own home! Donít let them know, but I think I believe now!

Thank-you again 






We went on the gaslamp walking tour with the 2 girl guides, constance and I forget, but we had such a good time!  I brought my my family from out of town and they said they have never been on anything like it! Not even in New Orleans! We were able to go inside and take pictures.  Everyone was touched in some way or another and you should see the rukus they made about the pictures they took. LOL


Dear Lenore;

I have been on every ghost tour in San Diego since 1999 and boy is yours so much better!  You have a way of explaining things that just make sense, and you are spooktacular.  I really liked the limo tour with Magnus I took that last summer, but your old town tour was worth 3 times the price! I will be recommending you to everyone! You should do this on tv! How do we request you again?

Thanks again so much!!!!! GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!! 


Georgia MÖÖÖÖÖÖ...Group



Jen and Dan

Dear everyoneóOur group was on your walking tour in Old Town, we had 40 people on the tour and you broke us up into 2 groups.  I was concerned that not everone would have the same experience but we had so much fun! Lenore you were great! And Giles I understand from the rest was not only cute but helped us take the right pictures.  You may not have noticed but some of us jumped from one tour to the other.  It really didnít make a difference they were both so good. 

I told our company planner here and they want to do the same thing on your downtown Gas lamp tour.  Is that possible?  I wish there was a way to get everyone in the limo too!  There is so much going on in San Diego I never knew!  And I am from here!  The Heritage Park place is spectacular.  I am definitely going to stay in the bed and breakfast there! 

It amazes me how much you really know about all the history.  Not that I doubted you, but sometimes you go on these tours and people just make things up.  But I looked up all the things you were talking about and WoW is all I can say.  You were dead on.  No really you had all the facts and you both told them so entertainingly.  Even your greeter(?) at the Living Room was right in style.  I felt I was actually looking back to another place in time.

Do you do speeches and entertainment like at parties?  It would be great if you all could come and tell us stories or maybe something at Christmas.  I am sorry for going on so long but I canít tell you when we as a large group like this had so much fun and we canít stop talking about it.  Since I organized it, it really looks good on me that you all did so well and I want you to know how much I appreciate it.  We went to Sea World last year and let me tell you, this has head and shoulders above that!

So I want you to know how much I appreciate you accommodating such a large group and also we are amazed at all you can do.  Please stay in San Diego for a long long time.


Hi Magnus and Marine!  

This is Jen and Dan from Saturday's limo tour.  Attached are 3 of the orb photos by the graveyard that are pretty amazing in our opinion.  There are actually so many orbs in these photos that you would think it was snowing in San Diego.    One tip:  try standing up and look down at your monitor on an angle, which at least for us, made many more orbs visible that otherwise were not from a frontal angle.  Hope that makes sense.    We really enjoyed the tour and hope you're both doing great today. Let us know what you think!





Sue N.


My name is Riley.  Last night, 5 of my friends, my mom, my grandfather, and I went on the Ghostly Limo Tour.  I went on your website to thank our tour guide, but he is not on the list of guides.  His name was Magnus Pike.  The limo tour was awesome.  I don't know if you remember me, but you are the one who scared me really bad in the freezer room in the mourge.  I told evertone how great the tour was.  My math teacher is now interested in going on one of your tours.  Also, my best friend's sister is now interested in going on the Ghostly Limo Tour for her 14th birthday.  Thanks again for the wonderful tour. 


To all:  

We went on your limo tour this past Friday evening it was great! We took some pictures (see attached). Please let us know if you see any "ghostly" images in them - for instance - the "orb" in the tree or the "face" in the mirror or the "aura" or "hands" over the two girls. We took these pics with 2 cameras and only one camera seemed to catch them.   Thanks!






Lenore,     First of all I would like to thank you for giving my dad, my friends, and I an amazing tour. It was just what my brother wanted for his birthday! Well anyways, I found on my cell PHONE this picture (that is attached to this e-mail) that has a blue blur that kind of looks like a ruffled skirt. We think it might be the ghost that was inside of the William Heath Davis House except the picture was taken in the room where the two grown men slept, not in the dining room so maybe she followed us in there. Or if it isn't a spirit can you tell me what it might be? So thanks again for the amazing tour and can you please e-mail me back and tell me what the blur is? Thanks! :)  


Dear Ghostly Tours;

I went on the limo tour with 3 of my friends last weekend. It was AWESOME!!!! I canít believe it! Magnus was our host and he really knew his stuff! We got so scared that the 2 guys with us said they wouldnít admit it to anyone else but they said they believe hah!  $50 for 3 hours in a limo is so cheap for what you get! Let me know when you have the new places out.  We are dying to go!! lol :> 


Marcia and John P




Lenore - Although we couldn't see the energy at first glance, when I lightened the pictures, a lot of it came out. Didn't get much "activity" in the house shots, but those in the graveyard are pretty evident.


Thanks again for a fabulous tour!


we went on your walking tour last weekend,,,it was the best ghost tour by far and so far....


Varga,   Downers Grove, Illinois 60516.......and yes, there are really more "haunted" places in Chicago!




Hi!!!!  It was WONDERFUL.  AMAZING.  My guests were most impressed with the tour. And here are two pictures of orbs that came out of my camera.  Being a native San Diegan, I already know which are the "really" haunted places.  But the limo, music (Midnight Syndicate), and information were really worth much more than the price we paid for our tickets.  I'm so glad we didn't get on the "bus".  You two guys are just excellent.   


A few highlights:   At the Davis house, I immediately went to the upstairs hospital room by my self and tracked to the window looking out....then our guide came in and started talking about the man that stayed there and how he would look out the window at the bay!! The Star of India, I knew no history, per say, but I do know from a previous excursion that the heaviest spot to me is below under the rigging, where the cargo was, but I thought it odd that the orbs came out at the captains dinning table!   The park/grave yard was my unsettling experience, especially when I asked my son if he saw the people sitting on a bench some distance away, and he said yes, they were in black, but my husband didn't see anyone!!!  The whole time, as soon as we departed from the limo, I felt we were being watched!   But I was very surprised at the orbs at the ballroom in the Hotel Del since I didn't sense anything, but my husband saw them in the picture. 


These were the only two that had anything on them.   And, think about doing a tape recording of all the information and selling it to your guests, I would have purchased one!!!   


FYI - we toured from Old Town around Oct. 21st, there were only 4 of us plus our guide.


I promised, and of course, I didn't forget.  Here are the pictures you guys wanted.  By the way, I *did* have a blast, and the fact that I actually got awesome pictures made it even more fun.  In any case, I'd recommend looking at the first ones first.. or the ones not labeled with 'copy of', because those are the originals.  I just zoomed in on a few interesting things I figured you guys would be interested in.  I'm not sure if some are a play of the lights, or what.  

But I was curious about one particular thing.  At first, in some of the pictures, I assumed that the red little lights were nothing more than lamps and stuff.  But later I realized that they were winding up in more than just one photograph.  And I think it's kind of rare for places to have exact lighting like that.. especially the way it's positioned.  Let me know what you think! 


Amy and Luke





Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful night out. Not only was the tour a blast, it was very informative. I learned so much about the history of the town I was born and raised in. Thank you again.


I have attached some of the pictures I captured of the night. We will be joining you all again very soon.