Text Box:                                                                                                                  A night you’ll remember the rest of your afterlife
Ghostly Tours in History, LLC Ghostly Tours in History, LLCText Box:                                                                                                                  A night you’ll remember the rest of your afterlife


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Our Caretakers and Shepherds

Listed below are some of the “Caretakers” who will delight you on your journey beyond.  All of them may be contacted at: info@ghostlytoursinhistory.com

Phineus Ashcroft / Charles Spratley

Self-proclaimed Adventurer but has been called many things in the past, amongst them: thief, cheat, and scoundrel. Making San Diego his home was an easy choice. Paranormal phenomena by the dozens to be investigated. Most excellent weather on the planet. And of course, only half a day’s ride to the Mexico border. His expertise in history as well as ghostly activity makes him an excellent addition to the Ghostly Tours in History staff.

Lenore Usher / Andrea Rustad

San Diego native and theater  major, Andrea Rustad brings the “fun” in dysfunctional. Quick as a whip, she blends horrifying stories of the past with a humorous twist. Having done ghost tours for a while in San Diego gives her an insider’s edge on the unusual and fantastic.

Magnus Pike

Trained in the fine art of helping oneself help oneself, knowing all the rules of correctness, Magnus Pike tossed it all away in a fit of frustration with the realization that no one can help themselves.  Unfortunately for Magnus, after crossing the pond he finds himself the ever helpful gent in a sleepy little hamlet of San Diego relegated forever in servitude  of a “ghostly” nature.

Arabella Nash

A suffragette and an animal lover keeps Arabella at odds with finding time of stamping out the injustice to the American female and just wanting to curl up with her favorite feline.  Self assured and most decorous, she may let a blaspheme off the hook, but only once, unless she is caught at it herself!

Hamilton Foxworth / Jason Tolin

Hamilton, having come from money in the east, thought he would try his hand at cattle in the new west.  Since the cattle basically grow on their own and any other things they might need he can hire someone for, he spends the majority of his time socializing, especially if there is a young lady who catches his fancy.  This long tall cowpoke who sits tall in the saddle is quite a catch!

Former New England socialite turned medium, Lenore Usher  uses her family’s seemingly  unlimited supply of funds to scour the globe for the arcane and unspeakable. Her pursuit of knowledge can be maddening in itself if it weren’t for her extra-curricular activities; taking her favorite guests and friends out on the town for a ghoulish time. Paranormal activity is her quest and her search of scientific proof of life after death.

Former curator for the San Diego Historical Society and doing consulting for them now, Sean is a cornucopia of knowledge we simply couldn’t let pass by. His degrees in History and his knowledge of Victoriana make him an asset to the Ghostly Tours team. He is also our historical fact checker as well as our resident advisor in the paranormal and the occult.

Working at both the San Diego Historical Society and Save Our Heritage Organisation as well as giving ghost tours in the past, make Mr. Spratley ideal as one of your Caretakers. A San Diego native, he is an internationally certified  Ghost Hunter and Paranormalist that leaves no gravestone unturned in the pursuit of the odd and frightening.

In real life, she lives her life as a dance teacher and paralegal with a degree in psychology.  She is no stranger to acting as she is a member of a reenactment group in Poway and has been seen in such community plays as Dracula.  Her  keen eye for detail in San Diego and sharp wit  make her an excellent host at Ghostly Tours.

In real Life he is an Electrical Engineer with a flair for the stories.  Having appeared in many community plays, he is currently also pursuing a voiceover career, and yet fitting  his reenactment group in Poway into his exceedingly busy agenda.  We are proud to have  David on board as our  busiest host.

Jason Tolin, having toiled effortlessly in law school found a more challenging  fit as a financial advisor, and he has appeared in several indi films and shows.  A social butterfly, with his genteel manner and looks we find him informative, captivating and perfect as our  spokesperson for Ghostly Tours in History.

Levi Whitacre / Charles Johnson

Levi, a Professor and seeker of knowledge, it was only logical that when he knew all about the living he would pursue  knowledge of the dead, some call it history,  Levi calls it fascinating.  His students, (guests) are happily entertained from the wee little ones to the  wise elders while sneaking in new found facts and figures of Old Town.  He will go on sabbatical once a year and return to this popular venue to give of himself .

Charles Johnson; spends his spare time entertaining young and old with song and stories while all the while hiding the fact he is actually a brilliant Software Engineer.  A caring family man, he  made the right decision to entertain while teaching  here at Old Town which is apparent by his rave reviews and return guests!

Charity Tebbets

Charity, born to wealth, was taught to be a lady in all respects.  However, the ever changing climate for the turn of the century made her want more out of life.  An avid seeker of the truth and things that cannot always be plainly seen, she finds joy in striking out on her own, telling the tales of people and places long ago, and while unseemly, and a bit macabre, the truth knows no bounds.

Sylus, a bit of a loner, brings mystery to the mysterious. We are not exactly sure where he is from, or even how he got here.  We find him lurking in all the right places to make a chilling, yet entertaining and very serious guide for our Gaslamp Walking Tour.  I understand when he was a child he loved dark places and creepy noises, ferreting out the real fro m the imagined, or is it all an illusion?  Be not surprised to find Sylus lurking behind you when you least expect it.

Michael Frice; a stoic gentleman seriously into music and regimentation.  It is therefore no doubt  nor surprise why this spring  he will be entering his training for the Navy.  Great with our guests, his height and stature give an enigmatic tone to the Gaslamp  Quarter at night!

Harmony Wilcox / Jamie Aarhus

Harmony is a well educated widow who runs her own merchantship left to her by her late husband.  Her calculations and no nonsense attitude keep everything “ship shape”  at our ticket table.  Being such a young widow and out of necessity for her store, she learned “figuring” and “inventory principles.”  Known to accompany our hosts while on tour, she makes sure that all are in order (and profitable) and that the customer is always right!

Jamie Aarhus; A student with emphasis in videography and photography, Jamie has been with us since the summer and has made her impact on our tour.  Always ready with a smile and an accommodating  attitude she is helpful with tours large and small, young and old and we are proud to have her on our team.

Found by Mr. Ashcroft in the streets of New Town outside the Oyster Bar semi-conscious and smelling of chloral hydrate. Thinking he was simply an unfortunate soul hitting upon hard times, he was given a small charity by his benefactor and sent on his merry way. Two weeks later he appeared on our doorstep. Clean and sharp as a tack. The words he whispered will stay with us forever,” I’ve forgotten more about  magick then the Golden Dawn will ever achieve”. He’s hired!

A beautiful young lady who is just embarking on her college life, has a talent for the tales and performing.  What a great mix of both while she takes you on your Ghostly Old Town Tour.  Many have said that her tour leads you to the haunting feeling that  someone is watching over her and them as they find out about Old Town!