Text Box:                                                                                                                  A night you’ll remember the rest of your afterlife
Ghostly Tours in History, LLC Ghostly Tours in History, LLCText Box:                                                                                                                  A night you’ll remember the rest of your afterlife

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Ghostly Tours has been operating for over 8 years.  We offer a variety of Ghostly Tours to some of San Diego’s most haunted places from an intimate limo tour, to visiting America’s most haunted in Old Town, to the hotels, brothels and gambling halls of downtown, the graveyards in San Diego, that may not always seem like graveyards, or maybe for  the more adventurous, a seance in an historic location.  There is something for everyone. 

We also do private and special tours; following the black history of San Diego all the way to Julian, or the special tour following the Black Dahlia’s last days here in San Diego.  Our historians bring you the most accurate telling of what was.  Our Caretakers and Shepherds tell what has been happening since... experience it for yourself, then  you decide.

Company Background
Ghostly Tours is a San Diego based Company started in early 2006 with 3 partners, Charles Spratley, Sean Shiraishi, and Andrea Rustad.  Each partner brought a unique talent to the mix; Charles and his charm and wit, Sean, his historic expertise and love for the truth and Andrea, her business acumen, and delightful storytelling. Starting with our famous and intimate Limousine tour, we sought to make our tours engaging, historic, honest and, well, fun.  From there we expanded to include the ever popular Old Town Walking Tour, and then our jaunt in the Gaslamp, and still people asked for more.

We now have added a 2nd Old Town Walking Tour, a “Graveyards Only” bus, Ghost Hunts and Seances, and we are looking forward to our new Gaslamp of the 20s tour, and who is still wandering the streets in the days of gangsters, speakeasies, secret societies and intolerance.

Our Goal
We at Ghostly Tours bring you the best ghostly experience and the facts to back it up. You’ll have a night out you’ll remember the rest of your afterlife.